Christmas Lights Battle
One of the main Christmas traditions in the USA is to light the house.

In America residents of different states are constantly arguing about which state is better to live in. Meanwhile the neighbors at Christmas time are constantly competing in house decorating. We think they're a bit alike.

We'll stimulate this competitive spirit with a Christmas Lights Battle for the TOP-10 states by population. In each state, we will select one key building and decorate it with garlands. Residents will be the ones to influence how brightly the lights will burn. Let's see who will light their state more.
Those who want to compete will need to order something on during the Christmas period. The system will use the delivery address to correlate the order with a specific state.
All states will be automatically ranked by the total ammount of orders. The number of turned on lights will change in real time depending on the state's place in the ranking. The higher the place, the brighter Christmas decorations glow.
As a result of the competition, on December 25, will put on a grand light show on the building-winner.

Order statistics and ratings will be displayed on the home page online. Also cameras will be installed in front of each participating building so that all of them can be viewed on the site.

Whose lights are brighter?
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