Random Santa
The traditional Xmas game, Secret Santa, is a good chance to secretly take care of someone — and to get a lovely gift back trying to guess the sender. But some people have no one to play with. In fact some people have no one to receive a Xmas present from at all.

We will give Wish customers the opportunity to feel connected and cared for, have fun, take a chance to get gifts from influencers, and even make new friends. How? We will launch the largest Secret Santa game in history that will unite people from all over the world in one randomizer.

We will create a promo page on wish.com, where customers can play Random Santa — choose any goods within $5 from a warm blanket to a sex toy as a gift for a stranger and themselves become recipients of random gifts. Each participant will decide himself whether he wants to remain incognito or indicate his details on the gift so that the addressee will be able to find and thank him. To make the packages look like real Xmas presents, Wish will gift-wrap them all.

Fill out your
postal details
Choose goods
$5 worth for a gift
Pay $5 and send it.
Sign or stay incognito
Wait for your
Random Santa Gift

Make it viral

Popular bloggers will invite subscribers to enter the game and then to post photos with the received gifts in social networks using special hashtag #wishrandomsanta. The lucky ones will receive gifts directly from influencers or become their Random Santas.

Let's play Random Santa!
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